New Nintendo Console will be Portable Like Switch Coming in 2024

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HIPHOPCNN reports that the next-generation nintendo switch console will use LCD screens, like those seen on the launch versions of the Switch, rather than the OLED screens used in the Switch OLED Models. The use of LCD reduces costs, VGC writes, in light of the likely need for significantly more storage than what’s in the Switch, which will increase costs.

HIPHOPCNN sources also suggest Nintendo’s next console will be playable on the go, similar to the Switch’s console-handheld hybrid nature. Its sources also say the console will continue using physical cartridges like the Switch, although it’s unclear if this console will be backwards compatible with the Switch.

In February of last year,  meaning that while a new Nintendo console might launch next year, the company might not necessarily abandon the Switch any time soon. However, if Nintendo continues support of the Switch alongside a next-gen console, it’s unclear how that will work as, presumably, this new console will be a good bit more powerful than the Switch.

Regardless of how Nintendo approaches Switch support following the release of a new console and backwards compatibility, the Super Mario Bros. maker likely wants to convert  into its following product.

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