New PS5 Update will bring you More SSD Power and Storage

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Sony has just announced that the new PS5 software beta coming out today that brings the highly requested audio format, Dolby Atmos, to the console alongside a bigger SSD capacity, accessibility features, and more.

Since the launch of the PS5, audiophiles have asked for Dolby Atmos audio support on the console. Without diving too deep into the nitty gritty, Dolby Atmos is one of the best audio formats when adequately supported. While the PS5’s 3D Tempest audio tech is impressive, players have also wished for Dolby Atmos support. And now, with the latest system software beta, it has arrived.

the PS5 can now support M.2 SSDs with a new maximum capacity of 8TB, which is double its previous 4TB limit. You still need to use an SSD with a heatsink, so don’t forget that if you upgrade your SSD.

On the accessibility side, this system software beta brings two new features to the console: second controller assistance and system UI haptic feedback. With this update, you can now use a second DualSense controller to count as an “assist controller” and use these two different controllers as if they were one.

With system UI haptic feedback, you can now enable the DualSense’s haptic feedback when navigating the PS5’s various menus and UI. Essentially, the sound effects you typically hear when navigating the menu will also be reflected physically through haptic feedback now.

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