The Equalizer 3 will be the Final Movie in the Series.

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For Denzel Washington, he says it will be the last time he plays Robert McCall in the movie series The Equalizer 3. “I don’t want to say he’s found happiness, and I don’t want to give it all away, but he meets someone lovely, he’s in a lovely town and he seems to be at peace,” he tells HIPHOPCNN of where McCall is in the upcoming threequel. “That seems to be a good place to stop.” Nearly 10 years after the first film arrived, it marks the end of a chapter. “I didn’t know that there were going to be three,” says Washington. “Definitely didn’t know that when we did the first one. I didn’t know how it would end.

Fuqua, too, teases a sense of culmination in the threequel. “This is it,” he says. “Robert McCall, the working-man hero, at some point he’s got to walk away from it. At some point, someone else has to pick up the ball and serve justice. He’s served his justice. He’s in a foreign place, he’s trying to find a home, find a place in the world. That’s really what’s important.” That, and taking out a few Mafiosos while he’s at it.

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