Yeezy Day Crushes The Competition

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Insiders at Adidas have told HIPHOPCNN on the earnings call, the first YEEZY DAY sale offloaded roughly 20-25% of the leftover Yeezy sneakers. This contributed 150 million euros to adidas’ 176 million euros in operating earnings for the quarter. Thus, ~ 85% of Adidas‘ Q2 earnings originated from the event. However, Ohlmeyer warned that the contribution from YEEZY might seem more significant than it was, as many of the company’s expenses weren’t accounted for in the number.It was previously reported that up to 40% of Addidas profit was due to the infamous YEEZY Sneakers.

The original YEEZY Day proved to be a tremendous monetary success for ADIDAS, as they amassed a revenue of $437 million USD solely from YEEZY sneaker sales. Despite this significant intake, consumer demand far exceeded the supply. A total of $565 million USD worth of YEEZY product orders were placed. Unfortunately, adidas had to cancel many of these orders due to their inability to meet the overwhelming demand, signaling consumer interest in the YEEZY line is still strong.

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