Master P’s Run-In with the Law over Snoop Cereal

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Master P’s Run-In with the Law over Snoop Cereal. During a recent trip to Walmart, Master P found himself in an unexpected encounter with the police. As he was checking out his and Snoop Dogg’s cereal in-store, two officers approached him to inquire about the situation. It’s not every day you see a legendary figure like Master P getting stopped at Walmart!

“Let me tell y’all something: this the first Black-owned cereal company,” he told the cops. “The more we make, the more we give. I’m teaching Black brothers out there how to get their hustle on, how to do it right … Snoop Dogg’s my partner. We changing the game.”

Footage can be seen on Master P’s instagram

Ever since its official launch in July 2022, Snoop Cereal has been soaring to new heights. In just six months, this up-and-coming company successfully secured a nationwide distribution deal. This rapid rise is a testament to the incredible potential and appeal of their delicious cereal products.

“In January, Master P enthusiastically shared his transition from the music industry to the cereal business. With a successful record deal and over 100 million records sold, he recognized the significance of venturing into new territories. Embracing diversity and acknowledging their unique vision, Master P expressed gratitude towards the company that believed in his journey from the very beginning.”

“I know we talk about diversity and African-American owned products on shelves is so important, ’cause we spent over a trillion dollars on it, and that’s what me and Snoop talk about. Creating that diversity.”

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