Google Search’s New AI Feature

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Google Search’s New AI Feature, and in May 2023, they unveiled some exciting AI-powered technologies. Among them is the remarkable SGE (Search Generative Experience) in Google Search. This incredible feature utilizes the power of AI to generate summaries of search results, allowing you to save valuable time while still gaining all the necessary information you need. With SGE, your search experience will be revolutionized like never before. Exciting news! Google is constantly enhancing its Smart Google Assistant (SGE) and has just introduced a new feature called SGE While Browsing. This innovative functionality allows you to quickly get the main points of an article without having to read it in its entirety. Now you can easily stay informed and save valuable time with this convenient summarization feature from Google.

Unlock the magic of the SGE While Browsing feature with a simple tap. Just locate the ‘Generate’ button at the bottom of your screen and watch as Google Search presents you with a handy tab that highlights all the key points from your article. Need to delve deeper? No problem! Simply tap on any key point to instantly jump to the relevant section. It’s an effortless way to navigate through content and access exactly what you need, right at your fingertips. But wait, there’s more! This tab offers an additional feature called ‘Explore on page.’ With this handy tool, you can easily find the answers to specific questions within the article and navigate directly to the relevant section for a deeper understanding. It’s like having a personal guide right at your fingertips!

Google has gone above and beyond with its enhancements to SGE. Now, when you simply hover over specific words in the search results, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see their definitions or even helpful diagrams. This fantastic feature makes it effortless for you to grasp unfamiliar terms or concepts with ease.

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