That ’70s Show’ Actor Sentenced to 30 Years to Life in Prison

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Danny Masterson’s legal journey reached its culmination on Thursday, as he was handed a 30-year prison sentence for the heinous crimes of rape against two women at his home in Los Angeles over a decade ago. Throughout the hearing, Masterson made the decision to remain silent and chose not to testify in either trial. This outcome serves as an important reminder that justice will prevail and those who commit such acts will be held accountable for their actions. In a powerful display of justice, Judge Charlaine Olmedo delivered her verdict after hearing heartfelt statements from the victims. Legal journalist Meghann Cuniff described how the judge eloquently dismantled Masterson’s defense with her words. Despite this, the actor’s attorney expressed their disappointment with the sentence and vowed to appeal.

In court, Olmedo made it clear that Mr. Masterson should not be seen as the victim in this situation. The actions he took two decades ago were a violation of someone’s autonomy and silenced their voice. Those actions were undeniably criminal, which is precisely why Mr. Masterson finds himself standing here today.

Olmedo reportedly highlighted Masterson’s likely curiosity about being convicted on multiple charges of sexual incidents that supposedly took place two decades ago. These incidents allegedly involve a woman whom Masterson perceives as dissatisfied and holding a personal grudge against him.

That '70s Show’ Actor Sentenced to 30 Years to Life in Prison

“You were not convicted on the testimony of one person,” the judge continued, according to Cuniff.

“You were not convicted based on rumors, innuendo, gossip and speculation,” Olmedo added. “You were convicted based on evidence that 12 people in the community found to be credible. … You were convicted because each of the victims reported the rapes to someone shortly after the rapes occurred.”

Masterson’s future hangs in the balance as he faces the possibility of spending decades behind bars. The defense’s plea for a concurrent sentence was unfortunately denied by the judge, resulting in a potentially longer prison term. It is crucial to recognize that this decision reflects the severity of the situation and emphasizes the importance of upholding justice. At the start of the hearing, Bijou Phillips, an acclaimed actress and renowned Scientologist, was said to have shed tears in the courtroom. This emotional display highlights the gravity of the situation and adds a human element to an already compelling case.

In a powerful display of strength and courage, two of Masterson’s victims bravely shared their emotional victim impact statements in court. Their heartfelt words resonated deeply, leaving an indelible mark on the proceedings. These courageous individuals ensured that their voices were heard before Olmedo delivered the appropriate and just sentence.

According to a report by Cuniff, one of the women, identified as N. Trout, expressed a disturbing observation: “You derive pleasure from causing harm to women. It is undoubtedly your addiction and without a doubt, your preferred pastime.” It is worth noting that the accusers’ names were withheld from the proceedings as per court procedure.

“Life is an invaluable gift, delicate and easily broken,” Trout emphasized. “Discover the true essence of your being, listen to the silence that holds endless possibilities, and experience healing. I extend my forgiveness to you.”

Regrettably, the actor famously recognized for his role as Steven Hyde on That ’70s Show has been faced with serious allegations. He has been charged with the forcible rape of three women, namely N. Trout, Jennifer B., and Chrissy B., during the years spanning from 2001 to 2003. These accusations present a disturbing truth that demands attention and thorough investigation in order to ensure justice is served. Following a mistrial in 2022, prosecutors returned to court earlier this year. On May 31, a second jury delivered a verdict of guilt for Masterson on charges of sexually assaulting Jen B. and N. Trout. However, the panel was deadlocked when it came to the third count involving Chrissy B, the actor’s longtime girlfriend.

During the court proceedings, Chrissy’s written statement was read by the prosecutors. Meanwhile, Jennifer bravely spoke out against the Church of Scientology for their alleged interference in the LAPD’s extensive investigation into Masterson. Jennifer emphasized that this investigation was far from easy, shedding light on the challenges faced along the way.

“It’s disturbing to see the persistent efforts to silence and intimidate us,” she stated firmly, as reported by Cuniff. Jennifer emphasized that Masterson must be held accountable in a legitimate court of law, not within the confines of Scientology’s infamous Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, California. The pursuit of justice should prevail over any attempts to obstruct it.

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