Exclusive Rewards with Microsoft’s New Xbox Mastercard

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Exciting news for avid gamers! Microsoft is set to introduce a brand new Xbox credit card exclusively for Xbox testers in the US. The Xbox Mastercard, issued by Barclays, comes with no annual fees and offers a plethora of benefits. Every purchase made using this card will earn you valuable points that can be redeemed for Xbox games and add-ons. It’s the perfect way to enhance your gaming experience while enjoying the perks of a credit card tailored specifically for gaming enthusiasts.

Discover the incredible benefits of the Xbox Mastercard credit card! As explained by Dave McCarthy, CVP of Xbox player services, this amazing card allows gamers to earn valuable card points on their everyday purchases. These points can then be redeemed for exciting games and add-ons at xbox.com. Get ready to enhance your gaming experience like never before with this exclusive credit card offer. Get ready, Xbox fans! The highly anticipated Xbox Mastercard is finally here, and it’s exclusively available to Xbox Insiders in all 50 United States starting from September 21. That’s right, you get the first taste of this incredible credit card tailored just for gaming enthusiasts like you. But fret not, because by 2024, all Xbox players across the nation will have access to this fantastic card. So mark your calendars and gear up for an unparalleled gaming experience with the upcoming release of the Xbox Mastercard!

Exclusive Rewards with Microsoft's New Xbox Mastercard

The Xbox Mastercard offers an exciting opportunity to earn points that are separate from Microsoft Rewards. With every $1 spent, you can rack up valuable card points which can be redeemed for fantastic rewards. In fact, it only takes 1,500 card points to claim a generous $15 gift card that can be used towards purchases at the online Xbox store by Microsoft. Start earning today and unlock a world of gaming possibilities! As an Xbox Mastercard holder, you will have the incredible opportunity to earn an impressive amount of points for your purchases. For every dollar spent on eligible products from the online Microsoft Store, you can earn five points. Moreover, streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus will reward you with three points for every dollar spent. As if that wasn’t enough, delivery services such as Grubhub and DoorDash also offer three points for each dollar spent. With such generous rewards available, it’s truly a fantastic perk of being an Xbox Mastercard owner.

Our Xbox Mastercard offers competitive APR rates that cater to different credit profiles. With rates ranging from 20.99 percent to 31.99 percent, you can choose the option that best suits your financial situation. For more information, including the full terms and conditions, please refer to the available document here

As a valued card member, you’ll receive a fantastic bonus of 5,000 points (equivalent to $50) with your first purchase using the card. Not only that, but you’ll also enjoy three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as a new Game Pass member. And here’s the icing on the cake – if you’re already a Game Pass member, you can even gift these three months to your friends or family. It’s just another way we show our appreciation for choosing our card!

Make your Xbox Mastercard truly unique with the option to choose from five impressive designs. And, if you’re feeling extra creative, personalize it by customizing it with your very own gamertag. Now you can show off your gaming style every time you use your card. Exciting news for Xbox Insiders located in the continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii! Starting from September 21st, you can begin applying for the highly anticipated Xbox Mastercard. Microsoft has informed us that they will be rolling out the availability of the Xbox Mastercard in waves to ensure a smooth experience for all Xbox Insiders this fall. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your gaming experience with exclusive benefits and rewards!

Microsoft is reintroducing the Xbox card after a long hiatus of over a decade. This exciting offer comes after the company’s successful free Xbox Live Diamond loyalty card program back in 2005, which granted exclusive discounts at various retailers to loyal subscribers. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to enjoy incredible perks with the all-new Xbox card.

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