Sacramento Kings Shake Things Up by Waiving Nerlens Noel and Neemias Queta

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According to ESPN’s trusted reporter Adrian Wojnarowski, the Sacramento Kings have made the decision to waive centers Neemias Queta and Nerlens Noel. This information has been further confirmed by multiple local reporters in the area. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development.

In training camp, Queta and Noel were initially set to compete for the third string center spot. However, the dynamics quickly shifted when JaVale McGee became an option and ultimately decided to join forces with the Kings. This unexpected development has undoubtedly influenced the competition for the position, creating a new dynamic that is both exciting and unpredictable. While Queta and Noel had received contracts with limited guarantees, JaVale was fortunate enough to secure a fully guaranteed contract from the start. This speaks volumes about the confidence and belief the team has in his abilities.

Although there was some uncertainty about the Kings potentially having two players compete during training camp and even considering carrying four centers into the season, it now appears highly unlikely. Today’s move by the Kings confirms that they have a clear plan for their big man rotation as they enter the new year.

Releasing Queta and Noel at this point would be a strategic move, giving them the chance to find new opportunities during training camp with other teams. While it may be disappointing for both players, it is a smart business decision by the Kings to allow them the opportunity before rosters fill up. This decision shows the Kings’ commitment to making sound moves for their team and players’ development.In addition to that, this opportunity allows the Kings to expand their pool of prospects for the wing and point guard positions. This strategic move can strengthen their team and bring in fresh talent to enhance their overall performance on the court.

Although we didn’t have the opportunity to witness Noel in a Kings uniform, it’s disheartening to see Queta’s time with the Kings conclude like this. Despite his impressive performance in the G League after being drafted as the 39th pick in 2021, Queta has struggled to maintain consistent performance at the NBA level. Despite his youth, this talented individual possesses remarkable physical abilities. Unfortunately, the lack of playing time in Sacramento hindered his development. However, we have high hopes for him to find a new home in the NBA where he can flourish and continue his basketball journey.

The Kings had an incredible season, achieving a commendable 48-34 record and securing the third seed in the highly competitive Western Conference. This marked their triumphant return to the NBA playoffs after a 13-year hiatus since 2006. Although they faced a tough first-round matchup against the formidable Golden State Warriors, their impressive journey speaks volumes about their growth and potential as a team.

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