Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Shocks Basketball World With His Pick for Greatest Point Guard

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The question of who holds the title for the greatest point guard of all time continues to spark lively discussions among basketball enthusiasts. Fans from different eras passionately debate whether Stephen Curry, an exceptional talent from the Warriors, or Magic Johnson, a legendary figure from the Lakers, deserves this prestigious recognition. It’s an enjoyable and engaging topic that adds to the excitement surrounding both current and past eras of the game.

When it comes to the debate on the greatest point guard of all time, one would expect NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to lean towards his former Lakers teammate. However, in a recent interview with Justin Walters of New York’s WPIX-TV, the six-time NBA MVP surprised us by naming a different player entirely. This unexpected revelation adds an intriguing twist to the ongoing discussion and sparks further interest among basketball enthusiasts.

“I don’t think you’re going to want to hear this,” Abdul-Jabbar told Waters. “Oscar Robertson. The Big O. I only had the chance to play with him at the end of his career, but he was awesome.”

Abdul-Jabbar was quick to acknowledge that his pick might come as a surprise to many NBA fans, considering that Robertson might not be as well-known to today’s audience compared to Johnson and Curry. However, it’s important to recognize Robertson’s significant contributions and impact on the game.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Shocks Basketball World With His Pick for Greatest Point Guard

Robertson’s impressive career spanned 14 years, during which he was selected as an All-Star an incredible 12 times. While he spent the majority of his playing days with the Cincinnati Royals, his final four seasons were with the Bucks. It was during this time that Robertson had the privilege of teaming up with basketball legend Abdul-Jabbar to secure the prestigious 1971 NBA championship for Milwaukee. Their partnership was a key factor in their success and a testament to their extraordinary talent on the court.

Robertson has made history by being the trailblazer who achieved the remarkable feat of averaging a triple-double throughout an entire NBA season. In the 1961-62 campaign, he showcased his incredible skills, accumulating an impressive 30.8 points, 12.5 rebounds, and 11.4 assists per game. Throughout his career, Robertson consistently displayed excellence on the court with an average of 25.7 points, 7.5 rebounds, and 9.5 assists per game. His extraordinary achievements solidify his status as one of basketball’s greatest players of all time.

When looking at the numbers, Curry has consistently shown his scoring prowess with an average of 24.6 points per game. Additionally, he contributes 4.7 rebounds and 6.5 assists to his team’s success. On the other hand, Johnson’s performance is equally impressive, as he records an average of 19.5 points per game, along with 7.2 rebounds and a remarkable 11.2 assists. Both players excel in different aspects of the game, making them valuable assets to their respective teams

Abdul-Jabbar makes a valid argument that Robertson’s impressive scoring average could have been even higher if he had the advantage of the three-point line, which was not yet adopted by the NBA during his time. His remarkable deep-shooting range would undoubtedly have added to his scoring prowess.It’s no surprise that fans consider Curry and Johnson as the greatest point guards of all time. With Curry’s four NBA titles and Johnson’s impressive five, their achievements speak for themselves. Their success on the court is a testament to their skills and impact in the game.

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