Katy Perry Strikes Gold: $225 Million Deal with Litmus for Music Catalog

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Litmus Music, a renowned catalog rights company, has recently announced their acquisition of the valuable rights to Katy Perry’s five incredible studio albums that were released under Capitol Records. This strategic move further solidifies Litmus Music’s position as a leading authority in the music industry and demonstrates their commitment to preserving and promoting exceptional musical content. With this acquisition, fans of Katy Perry can expect a continued celebration of her remarkable talent and timeless music.

Perry’s decision to sell her music rights to the private-equity Carlyle-backed company, co-founded by former Capitol Records president Dan McCarroll, is a wise move that solidifies her financial future. The impressive sale price of $225 million highlights the immense value and potential of Perry’s musical catalog. By partnering with a reputable and experienced entity like Carlyle, Perry ensures that her work will continue to thrive and reach new audiences while also reaping substantial financial rewards. This exciting deal encompasses Perry’s ownership of both master recordings and publishing rights for her impressive discography of five albums, spanning from 2008 to 2020. These albums include the iconic “One of the Boys,” the infectious “Teenage Dream,” the captivating “PRISM,” the introspective “Witness,” and the latest addition, “Smile.” With this agreement, Perry secures her artistic legacy and opens up new opportunities for her music to reach even more fans around the world.

In 2022, Litmus Music made a groundbreaking entrance into the music industry with an impressive $500 million investment from Carlyle’s Global Credit Platform. Their momentum continued to grow as they successfully completed their first major acquisition in December, securing the rights to Keith Urban’s master recordings. This strategic move solidifies their position as a key player in the industry and sets the stage for even greater achievements in the future.

Perry’s recent choice to sell her catalog rights is in line with a growing trend among artists, exemplified by Justin Bieber’s lucrative $200 million sale of his catalog to Hipgnosis Songs Capital in 2023. This decision highlights the increasing recognition of the value and potential in monetizing music catalogs for artists.

“Katy Perry’s remarkable talents as a creative visionary have left an indelible mark on the music, TV, film, and philanthropy industries. It is truly an honor for me to join forces with her once again and assist Litmus in managing her remarkable body of work,” stated McCarroll with great enthusiasm.

Hank Forsyth, the co-founder and CEO of Litmus, expressed his admiration for Katy’s songs and described them as an integral part of the worldwide cultural tapestry. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with such a trusted partner once more, highlighting Katy’s unwavering integrity that shines through in everything she does.

According to Matt Settle, the managing director at Carlyle, this is a true testament to the team’s exceptional talent in collaborating with renowned artists from around the world. The iconic songs by Katy have not only achieved remarkable commercial success but have also made a significant impact on popular culture.

Perry’s pop music career has been nothing short of extraordinary, starting off with a bang when her breakout single “I Kissed A Girl” took the music industry by storm in 2008. Her album “Teenage Dream” went on to produce an impressive five chart-topping songs in 2010 alone. In fact, Perry has accumulated a remarkable nine No.1 hits on the prestigious “Billboard” Hot 100 chart. Her immense success is a testament to her undeniable talent and ability to consistently create captivating music that resonates with fans worldwide.

The accomplished pop singer has decided to take a step back from her thriving career, prioritizing her Las Vegas residency and cherishing precious moments with her loving partner, the renowned actor Orlando Bloom. This new chapter allows her to balance work and family life with grace and dedication.

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