The Rising Star: Netflix’s “HollyHood” Haley J on Her WWE-Sized Dreams

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Netflix’s latest documentary series, titled Wrestlers, gives viewers an insider’s look into the exciting world of professional wrestling. Through this captivating series, audiences are introduced to a diverse group of talented athletes who are making a name for themselves on the independent circuit. Prepare to be mesmerized by their passion and dedication as they showcase their skills in this thrilling sport. There are artists who have found satisfaction in their local triumphs, content with the successes they have achieved. However, there are also those who harbor aspirations of taking that bold leap forward to reach even greater heights.

“HollyHood” Haley J, a remarkable female wrestler and one of the bright stars of Ohio Valley Wrestling, is eagerly looking to leverage the show’s platform to elevate her career to new heights. As one of the primary stars in this independent promotion, she recognizes the immense opportunity it presents for her personal and professional growth. Throughout the series, she emphasizes that OVW is just one phase of her remarkable journey. Alongside her time at OVW, she also gains valuable experience by collaborating with other esteemed groups such as Women of Wrestling. These diverse experiences contribute to her growth as a talented and versatile performer in the world of professional wrestling.

Now that her show has been released, Haley J has grand aspirations for her future, dreaming of becoming a WWE Superstar. In an interview with GameSpot, she expressed her admiration for WWE’s rich history and global recognition. She sees it as the ultimate platform to showcase her talents and is determined to make it her own.

Haley is not only enthusiastic about the prospect of working for WWE’s primary competitor, All Elite Wrestling (AEW), but she also has a captivating main event-level storyline in mind for WWE. Her creative vision and passion for delivering compelling narratives make her an asset to any wrestling promotion.

“I want to go with Charlotte Flair because she’s a second-generation superstar,” Haley said of the 16-time WWE Women’s Champion and daughter of Hall of Famer Ric Flair. “Despite our similarities, there are notable differences in our stories. One significant contrast lies in the reputation we inherited from our parents. While she gained recognition due to her father’s prominence, I took a different path. As a second-generation wrestler, my mother’s influence was primarily recognized within the independent wrestling circuit. Despite not achieving mainstream success, her lack of recognition prevented me from leveraging her name to propel myself into the spotlight. I feel as though I had to pave my own path without the advantages that come with being part of a well-established family. However, I believe that this unique journey would make for a captivating and inspiring story, one that I am eager to share with others.

Excitingly, following the release of Wrestlers on Netflix, there were reports that Haley J was set to receive a WWE tryout. However, it was later learned that her tryout had been postponed. While a new date for her tryout has yet to be announced, this only adds to the anticipation and curiosity surrounding her potential future in the wrestling world. Stay tuned for updates!

No matter where Haley’s journey takes her, be it with WWE, AEW, or as the reigning Women’s Champion of Ohio Valley Wrestling, she is truly satisfied to witness the rest of the world finally catching up to what she has always known.

“I’ve always said that I was a superstar and I was just kind of waiting on people to catch up to that,” she said. “I believed in myself for a long time. But now that it’s actually happening, it’s kind of crazy because my followers and stuff are going up by the 1000s. And obviously, I wasn’t that big of a superstar because it wasn’t happening like that [before]. But my mentality definitely hasn’t changed. I still feel like I know my worth. And I know my value and I feel good. I feel like it’s my time to shine.”

You can now watch the entire first season of Wrestlers on Netflix.

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