Payday 3 Update: Over 200 Fixes Incoming on Oct. 5

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Starbreeze has officially announced that a long-awaited Payday 3 update is scheduled to be released on October 5th. But that’s not all – the studio has also shared some additional information about the fixes and improvements coming along with this highly anticipated patch. Get ready for an enhanced gaming experience with these upcoming updates!

During an enlightening Payday 3 Twitch dev stream, Starbreeze Studios Global Brand Director Almir Listo and Lead Producer Andreas Penninger delighted fans by sharing exciting news about the upcoming Payday 3 update scheduled for October 5. They revealed a number of fixes that will enhance the overall gaming experience and ensure a smoother gameplay for all players.

  • Achievements not unlocking

  • PS5 cosmetics and aim assist

  • Muted audio

  • Delayed interactions

  • Social screen names not appearing on XBOX

  • Rock the Cradle VIP invitation not working on overkill difficulty

  • Guards are unable to be traded as hostages

  • Heists not transitioning to end screen upon fail

  • Crew AI not reviving players. Note: they are also aware that crew AI is not as robust as players want

In addition to the fixes, the devs commented on other topics such as remastering old maps from the franchise, Multi-Day Heists and more.

  • More achievements: There will be additional achievements added in the future. The goal is to create long-term support akin to Payday 2.

  • Community Updates and Cosmetics: After the October 5 patch is released, it is planned to add frequent content updates in addition to community events. The Roadmap events will be elaborated further when they get closer. Additional cosmetics are being worked on.

  • Multi-Day Heists: Almir notes, “one can argue it worked great, and one can argue it did not, depending on perspective. it is still too early to say”.

  • Remastering Previous Maps: They believe that Payday 3 is a great opportunity to remaster old Payday maps, although it isn’t confirmed. Remastered maps would have original heist elements with new “imagination”. They would like player feedback on what legacy heists they’d like to see again.

We will promptly inform our readers once the official patch notes for the upcoming update of Payday 3 are released.

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