Saw X: The Most Critically Acclaimed Installment in the Series Yet

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Despite being the tenth installment, the Saw franchise continues to bring unexpected twists and turns. However, it’s not the gruesome violence that has everyone talking. Surprisingly, Saw X is receiving the most positive reviews in the series’ history.

The enthusiastic response from critics has been overwhelming for Saw X, making it the first film in the franchise to be certified as “Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes. While one might assume this is a modest achievement, it’s worth noting that its impressive 84% score far surpasses the original movie’s 50% rating. It’s clear that Saw X has exceeded expectations and stands out as a remarkable installment in the series.

A recurring sentiment is evident in the 37 reviews of the movie up to now. Saw X truly stands out as the series’ finest installment since James Wan’s original masterpiece.

In this thrilling installment, the movie unfolds its gripping story between the first and second entries. The beloved character John Kramer, also known as Jigsaw and masterfully portrayed by Tobin Bell, finds himself on a desperate quest for medical assistance in Mexico to battle his terminal cancer. Brace yourself for an intense journey filled with suspense, as Jigsaw’s determination takes center stage in his fight against time. Undoubtedly, the situation goes beyond mere simplicity – the doctors are truly deceptive individuals. In response, Jigsaw takes matters into his own hands by unleashing his expertise in crafting intricate traps, all in pursuit of justice and retribution.

Saw X, a gripping film written by Peter Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg, is skillfully directed by Kevin Greutert. Produced by the talented duo Mark Burg and Oren Koules, this cinematic masterpiece boasts an impressive ensemble cast. Joining Bell are esteemed actors such as Shawnee Smith, Synnøve Macody Lund, Steven Brand, Michael Beach, and Renata Vaca. Prepare to be captivated by their exceptional performances in this highly anticipated movie.

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