Tom Brady Scripted Limited Series ‘The Patriot Way’ In Works From ‘The Fighter’ Screenwriters

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The iconic NFL star, Tom Brady, has bid farewell to his illustrious career on the field. While we all assume he is retired for good, it’s fascinating to see how his legacy is being explored by an acclaimed Oscar-nominated screenwriting duo. Their creative vision promises to shed light on the remarkable journey of this football legend and captivate audiences worldwide.

Paul Tamasy and Eric Johnson, the talented duo behind the hit film “The Fighter,” are currently involved in an exciting project. They are now working on developing a scripted limited series called “The Patriot Way,” which delves into the incredible journey of the greatest of all time quarterback and his powerhouse New England Patriots teams. With their track record of capturing captivating stories, this upcoming series is bound to be an absolute must-watch for fans and sports enthusiasts alike. The upcoming adaptation of Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge’s bestselling book, “12: The Inside Story of Tom Brady’s Fight for Redemption,” is set to captivate audiences. This captivating story will bring to life the inspiring journey of Tom Brady as he fought against all odds to reclaim his place at the top.

The Patriot Way takes readers on an extraordinary journey, tracing the remarkable ascent of Tom Brady from a humble sixth-round NFL draft pick to his awe-inspiring six Super Bowl victories with the Patriots. It delves into the riveting narrative of the Aaron Hernandez saga and sheds light on the controversial Spygate and Deflategate scandals. Additionally, it unveils the compelling clash of personalities between Brady and his head coach, Bill Belichick, showcasing their unyielding determination to succeed.

Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, the talented producer from Gotham Group, will be at the helm of The Maze Runner project. With her expertise and dedication, expect nothing short of an incredible production. This collaboration is sure to bring out the best in this captivating story for audiences to enjoy.

“The New England Patriots dominated the professional sports landscape for 20 years,” Tamasy and Johnson said. “Our series will bring the audience inside Gillette Stadium, better known as Fortress Foxboro, to shed new light on the thrilling, historic come-from-behind victories; the dark side of success; and building a culture of winning at all costs.”

Sherman and Wedge, esteemed screenwriters and authors, are set to bring us their third collaboration: The Patriot Way. With their proven track record of creating captivating stories, this new project is sure to be another remarkable achievement in their repertoire. Fans can anticipate an exceptional blend of skillful storytelling and compelling narrative that will keep them on the edge of their seats. Collaborating closely, they successfully transformed Sherman’s book, The Finest Hours, into a captivating Disney film featuring Chris Pine in 2016. Their joint efforts also resulted in the adaptation of Sherman and Wedge’s Boston Strong, which Tamasy and Johnson skillfully brought to life in the powerful Patriots Day movie of 2016. Directed by Peter Berg and starring Mark Wahlberg, it was an extraordinary accomplishment for all involved.

“As journalists, we had a front-row seat for all the incredible drama that has unfolded both before and after the New England Patriots won their first super bowl [in 2001],” Sherman and Wedge added. “It’s a rich, character-driven story that probably will not be duplicated in our lifetime.”

The filmmaking team has made a bold decision regarding the portrayal of Brady and The Patriots in their upcoming series. They have chosen not to seek any image rights, citing the fact that these iconic figures are public figures. By doing so, they believe they can tell the story with complete artistic freedom, unencumbered by any external filters. It is worth noting that Brady himself is not involved in the production of this series.

Tamasy and Johnson have the esteemed representation of Michael Prevett at Circle of Confusion, while Sherman and Wedge are skillfully guided by Goldsmith Vein, UTA’s very own Peter Steinberg, and the accomplished attorney Joel VanderKloot. With such accomplished teams supporting them, these talented individuals are poised for success in their respective endeavors.

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