B.G. Drops Highly Anticipated New Verse Since Release From Prison

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B.G. Drops Highly Anticipated New Verse Since Release From Prison

the talented Boosie BadAzz treated his fans to a visual delight on his YouTube channel. He released the official music video for his hit track “My Dawg” featuring the amazing B.G., taking viewers on a captivating journey through creativity and storytelling. This visually stunning piece was expertly directed by ChuckStarFilms, ensuring a mesmerizing visual experience that perfectly complements the infectious energy of the song. The content below showcases the strong bond between the two rappers, shedding light on their genuine friendship. Additionally, it features notable highlights from B.G.’s previous music videos, significant moments in Boosie’s successful career, and much more to captivate and engage their fans. watch his new verse below

B.G. Has his 1st verse in over 13 years

“Lot of people f**ked me up and went to sleep on me/Same ones used to come around and leach on me,” B.G. raps. “I’m walking light I got police on me/But I’m still taking chances with that heat on me/Used to get my motivation from my kids and fans/Anything I ever needed I could get from my man.”

B.G.’s sentimental trap single delves into the experience of people who betrayed him, only to express gratitude towards Boosie BadAzz for remaining loyal throughout his 11-year incarceration. This talented rapper was sentenced to federal prison for gun possession and witness tampering.

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