Rick Ross and Funk Flex Roast DJ Envy over Real Estate Fraud Allegations

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Rick Ross and Funk Flex aren’t holding back when it comes to DJ Envy’s recent controversy involving an alleged real estate ponzi scheme. They’ve been vocal about their concerns and have taken shots at him, shedding light on what they perceive as his involvement in this troubling situation.

Ross made a special appearance on Flex’s renowned Hot 97 radio show last Thursday night (Sept. 28), creating excitement for the upcoming release of his and Meek Mill’s highly-anticipated new single “Shaq & Kobe.” While on the station, the MMG boss seized the moment to mock the Breakfast Club host and mixtape legend for their alleged involvement in a fraud scheme related to their real estate venture. This served as an important reminder of the consequences one may face when engaging in such activities.

“Nah, we ain’t selling fake houses!” Ross said, alluding to the rumors swirling around Envy, with whom he engaged in a war of words in recent months. “We not gon’ steal no old lady houses. You going to hell for that.” He continued to mock the Queens, N.Y. native, referencing Envy distancing himself from his former associates amid claims he was not complicit, but a “victim” himself.

“I heard he just accused his man of taking advantage of him, too,” Ross added. “You’re doing the fraud, you’re telling on your man? Damn.” Flex chimed in with a play on Meek Mill’s longtime slogan while taking a shot at his longtime radio rival. “Dreamchasers over here, house chasers over there,” the famed spinner said.

Rick Ross and Funk Flex Roast DJ Envy over Real Estate Fraud Allegations

DJ Envy found himself entangled in a lawsuit this summer, where he was named as a party alongside Cesar and Jennifer Pina. The Pina couple is facing serious allegations of defrauding investors by making false promises and deceptive statements, resulting in a loss of $1.5 million. DJ Envy’s involvement in the legal proceedings sheds light on the gravity of the situation and highlights the severity of the accusations against the Pinas. As per the lawsuit, Pinas, the operators of Flip 2 Dao, successfully persuaded Anthony Barone and Anthony Martinito to invest in a promising real estate project located in Paterson, New Jersey.

Rumor has it that Envy played a vital role in connecting Barone and Marinito with industry insiders DJ Clue and the renowned entrepreneur and influencer, Gary “Vee” Vaynerchuck. This strategic lunch meeting was instrumental in finalizing the deal and securing their future success. Envy’s influence and success in real estate caught the attention of the plaintiffs, inspiring them to get involved with the Pinas. Through Envy’s radio discussions and collaboration with the Pinas, they discovered an opportunity to invest in undervalued properties in New Jersey. Regrettably, the construction of the property faced a series of unexpected delays that caused great concern for the investor involved. As a result, he felt compelled to take legal action against Pinas and Envy in order to protect his interests and hold them accountable for the issues at hand.

Envy has categorically refuted the allegations, making it clear that he had no direct involvement with Flip 2 Dao. He has taken the step of requesting the dismissal of the lawsuit against him, firmly asserting his innocence. Furthermore, he boldly asserted that the plaintiffs included him in the lawsuit purely because of his fame and widespread recognition. In a twist of fate, the Pinas now find themselves facing further legal action and have been accused by prominent figures in the real estate industry of engaging in fraudulent activities against unsuspecting clients.

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