Julia Roberts And Mahershala Ali Unite for Netflix’s Leave The World Behind

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Netflix is bringing us a thrilling new end-of-the-world movie that boasts an impressive lineup of talented actors. Leave the World Behind, Netflix’s Leave The World Behind a film adaptation of Rumaan Alam’s book, is directed by Sam Esmail from Mr. Robot. The star-studded cast includes Oscar winners Mahershala Ali and Julia Roberts, as well as Ethan Hawke, Kevin Bacon, Myha’la Herrold, Farrah Mackenzie, and Charlie Evans.

The official synopsis of the show tells the story of a family whose vacation takes a dark turn when they encounter two strangers seeking shelter from an escalating cyberattack. As the threat intensifies, all the characters are compelled to confront their roles in a crumbling society. If you’re interested, you can watch the tense trailer below.

In July 2020, the novel was recognized as a finalist for the esteemed National Book Award for Fiction. Following this achievement, there was a highly competitive bidding war for the rights to adapt the novel into a film, with Netflix emerging as the victor. The film will be directed and written by Esmail, adding an exciting element to this already captivating story. Initially, Roberts and Denzel Washington were slated to star in and produce the film together. However, following Washington’s departure from the project, Ali was brought on board as a replacement. Although Washington is no longer involved as an actor, Roberts remains involved as one of the film’s producers.

Netflix’s Leave The World Behind is set to follow its dual-release strategy with the upcoming movie. The film will first be shown in select theaters starting from November 22, and later it will be available for streaming on Netflix starting from December 8. This approach allows viewers to enjoy the movie either in a traditional cinema experience or through the convenience of online streaming. HIPHOPCNN will update you on any new trailer’s that arrive before the release date.

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