Kid Cudi’s New Album will have over 40 songs

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Kid Cudi’s New Album will have over 40 songs, In the streaming era, it has become a trend for albums to have longer track lists. This is particularly noticeable in rap music, with many albums now consisting of over 20 tracks. One notable example is Morgan Wallen’s album “One Thing At A Time,” which has an impressive total of 36 tracks and is currently the best-selling album of 2023. Taylor Swift’s latest album, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), offers an impressive collection of 22 tracks. On the other hand, indie singer Mac DeMarco pleasantly surprised his fans with a remarkable release earlier this year. His album, titled One Wayne G, features a staggering 199 songs and was unveiled in April. Kid Cudi is joining the ranks of artists who are releasing albums with extensive tracklists. This trend of including a large number of songs in an album has been gaining momentum in the music industry.

Cudi’s highly anticipated album, INSANO, was initially scheduled for release earlier this year but encountered a delay. However, it is evident that Cudi is dedicated to utilizing the extra time to create the best possible version of his album. This commitment reflects his desire to deliver a high-quality musical experience to his fans. In a recent tweet, Cudi confirmed that his upcoming album INSANO will feature over 40 songs, including both the main album and deluxe editions. He also hinted at a “2024 takeover,” building anticipation among his fans. Cudi’s albums are typically longer in length, with a tracklist averaging between 15 and 20 songs. This allows for a more immersive listening experience and offers a larger collection of music for fans to enjoy. Kid Cudi’s 2015 album, Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven, received a fair amount of criticism. However, it was released with an extensive collection of demos totaling to 26 tracks in all. Take a look at Cudi’s tweet and some of the fan reactions below this Instagram post.

Instagram users expressed caution in the comments section of a post discussing a tweet. One popular comment reads, “Why are there so many?” while another highly upvoted comment expresses skepticism, stating, “There’s no way people are going to listen to that.” Although there are individuals who show enthusiasm for the project, a considerable number of people believe that having 40 tracks is excessive.

Some fans were critical of Kid Cudi’s pitching skills when he was invited to throw the first pitch at a recent Cleveland Guardians game. Kid Cudi’s latest album has caught attention for its extensive track list, with more than 40 songs included. This decision has sparked discussion among fans and critics alike. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter, so feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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