Suge Knight’s Bold Claim That Tupac Shakur Was Murdered by an Unknown Assailant

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Suge Knight’s Bold Claim That Tupac Shakur Was Murdered by an Unknown Assailant, Suge Knight has made the claim that Orlando Anderson, who is suspected to have killed Tupac Shakur, is not the individual responsible for the murder of the renowned rapper.

Suge Knight shares his thoughts on the arrest of Keefe D.

TMZ recently conducted an interview with Suge Knight, who is currently serving time in prison. During the conversation, Knight shared his thoughts on the arrest of Duane “Keefe D” Davis for the crime that took place last week.

“I didn’t think Keefe D would ever get arrested. Nor do I want to see him get arrested,” Suge told the celebrity news site. “Let’s get one thing straight first and foremost. Me and Keefe D played on the same Pop Warner football team. Whatever circumstances, if he had involvement in anything, if he didn’t have involvement in anything, I wouldn’t wish somebody going to prison on my worst enemy.”Read

Suge vehemently denied the police theory that Orlando Anderson, Davis’ nephew, was responsible for the shooting.

“I’ll tell you this. I never had nothing bad to say about Orlando. No. 1, he wasn’t the shooter,” Suge added. “No. 2, he came to my hearing and told [expletive] to let me go and told the truth. They still didn’t let me go…It wasn’t Anderson, that’s all I have to say about that part.”

Suge has made it clear that he will not testify in a trial, regardless of which side calls him as a witness.

An arrest has been made in the murder of Tupac Shakur.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department recently made an announcement on September 29th regarding the apprehension of Duane “Keefe D” Davis in connection with a homicide. Davis has been indicted for murder, specifically for the use of a deadly weapon with the intent to promote, further, or assist a criminal street gang known as the Southside Compton Crips.

Based on police reports, the shooting incident was said to be in retaliation for Orlando Anderson, who was a member of the Southside Compton Crip gang and nephew of Keefe D, being assaulted by Tupac, Suge Knight, and their associates at the MGM Grand after a Mike Tyson fight on September 7th, 1996. According to police reports, after the incident, an individual named Keefe D managed to acquire a firearm. Subsequently, Keefe D, along with Anderson, Brown, and Smith, found Tupac and Suge at the intersection of Flamingo Road and Kovall Lane. They proceeded to open fire on their vehicle, tragically resulting in Tupac being fatally wounded. He later succumbed to his injuries on September 13th, 1996.

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