Wiz Khalifa Drops Highly Anticipated Mixtape ‘Khali Sober’

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The music industry is buzzing with anticipation as Wiz Khalifa, the highly acclaimed rapper, unveils his newest creation: the mixtape titled “Khali Sober.” This project is a result of a fruitful collaboration between Wiz Khalifa and his talented local producer, Big Jerm. Together, they have skillfully crafted this musical masterpiece that is sure to delight fans and showcase their artistic abilities.

Wiz Khalifa’s latest project, Khali Sober, holds great importance for both the artist himself and his loyal fan base. This album signifies a fresh start in Wiz Khalifa’s musical career and marks a significant milestone. In an era where mixtapes are not as prominent, Wiz Khalifa boldly brings them back into the spotlight with this release. Through this release, his goal is to bring back the nostalgic era of mixtapes, offering an instant stoner classic and pledging a series of future releases.

With the release of his latest mixtape “See Ya” earlier this year, Khali Sober demonstrates Wiz’s dedication to consistently providing exciting and captivating music for his fan base. The mixtape showcases the talent of several renowned producers, such as Quadwoofer Bangz, ID Labs, Lex Luger, and Iamsu. It’s a thoughtful present to commemorate the beginning of summer and promises an exhilarating musical experience that fans should definitely check out.


  • Uptown Bound
  • Would Be Muggers
  • Priestly Business
  • Chance To Get Out
  • Pusherman Interlude
  • The Payoff
  • Sexy Bath
  • Fighters
  • The Last of Freddie
  • Dealing Montage
  • Owned by the Man
  • Dirty Laundry
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