Sony Unveils Sleek new PlayStation 5 Models With Removable Disc Drives

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After being on the market for almost three years, Sony has recently unveiled a sleeker and more compact version of their PlayStation 5 gaming console. Both the disc drive model and the digital model will undergo updates, but their differences are not as significant as they once were. An interesting feature is that you can now buy a separate disc drive, enabling you to upgrade a digital model to a version that is compatible with discs. This offers more flexibility and convenience for those who prefer physical media or want to switch from digital-only content. Both versions of the new PS5 model will be released in November. Over time, these new models are expected to completely replace the current version of PS5.

According to a blog post on the PlayStation website, the latest PS5 model has undergone significant changes. It has been reduced in volume by over 30%, and its weight has been reduced by 18% and 24% when compared to previous models. Additionally, the article highlights that the new covers feature various textures, a detail that may not be immediately evident when looking at the pictures. According to the information provided, there are a total of four cover panels. The top portion has a glossy appearance, while the bottom portion has a matte finish. This combination of different textures adds an interesting visual element to the overall design. The announcement raises concerns about the compatibility of the console shells that Sony currently offers, which allow users to customize the appearance of their consoles. However, the announcement does not address these specific concerns or provide any information on this matter.

Sony has announced the pricing details of the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 (PS5) gaming console. The standard version, which includes a disc drive, will be priced at $499.99. On the other hand, the digital edition of PS5, without a disc drive, will retail at $449.99, which is a $50 increase from the original digital edition price.

In case you have purchased a newer digital version and later decide to upgrade it to a disc version, there is an additional cost for the drive. In the US, it will be $79.99, in Europe €119.99, in the UK £99.99, and in Japan ¥11,980. Purchasing a digital console along with a separate disc drive is slightly pricier compared to buying the disc drive version alone. The console will come with a new horizontal stand for placing it on its side. Additionally, a vertical stand will be available for purchase separately at the price of $29.99 USD, 29.99 EURO, 24.99 GBP, or 3,980 JPY. For more information and to see the reveal trailer, please watch the video below

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