PS5 Slim Models Set to Support SSD Storage Expansion

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The new PS5 slim console is designed to meet the demands of modern gaming. One notable improvement over the base model is the increased internal storage capacity, now reaching 1TB. This upgrade provides gamers with more space to store their games and other media, ensuring they can enjoy a seamless gaming experience without worrying about running out of storage. Although the PS5 comes with a substantial amount of storage space (approximately that of an entire Call of Duty game), it is important to note that not all of it may be accessible for use. For instance, in the case of the launch model PS5, only 667GB out of the included 825GB was actually available for users. The good news is that you can still increase the storage space of the slimmer PS5 console. Similar to the original model, it will support additional storage options, allowing you to expand its digital capacity. This ensures that you have more room for your games and content.

According to a spokesperson from PlayStation, there have been no changes to the new model. This means that individuals interested in owning one can still easily remove a panel and insert an M.2 SSD for additional storage. To ensure optimal performance, it is important to choose a PCIe Gen4 version that meets the minimum requirement of 5,500MB/s read speeds. As long as these specifications are met, you can proceed with confidence. It is important to highlight that the most recent firmware update for the PS5 introduced a significant enhancement in terms of storage capacity. Users can now expand their SSD storage by up to 8TB, which is equivalent to approximately 53 installations of Red Dead Redemption 2. This update allows gamers to have ample space for storing their favorite games and experiences on their console.

Although it may be excessive for the average person, there are more reasonably priced options for expanding storage on the PS5 by 1-2TB. Although the Prime Day deals on SSDs may have ended, you can still look forward to great offers during Black Friday. During this time, it is typically possible to find a high-quality 2TB Samsung 990 Pro SSD with a heatsink included for around $130. Alternatively, you can opt for a 1TB version at a quick price of $90. Keep an eye out for these deals and take advantage of the savings. In the three years since the launch of PS5, there has been a significant decrease in the prices of SSDs, making them much more affordable than before. As a result, they are now more accessible to consumers who were previously deterred by higher costs.

Exciting news for gaming enthusiasts! Sony is set to launch the highly anticipated PS5 consoles in November. There will be two versions available: one with a built-in disc drive, and another all-digital version that allows you to attach an optional disc drive if desired. Gamers will have the flexibility to choose the console that best suits their preferences and gaming needs. The standard PS5 will retain the same price tag as its previous version at $499. However, the all-digital model will see a slight price increase of $50, bringing it to $449. Additionally, for those who prefer physical media, the Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive add-on will be available for an additional cost of $70.

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