The Apple Vision Pro: A Professional Device with a Price Tag to Match

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According to Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter for Bloomberg, it is mentioned that the successor to Apple Vision Pro may not have an external display. This decision is aimed at making the device more affordable and aligning with the target price range of $1,500 to $2,500. According to Gurman’s previous statements in June, it is reiterated that the more cost-effective version of the product will likely be powered by an iPhone-grade chip. Additionally, this version may have a reduced number of cameras and feature lower-resolution screens.

If Apple decides to remove the external display from the Vision Pro, it would mean that one of its standout features, EyeSight, would only be available on the more expensive versions. This move could potentially limit access to this premium feature for some users who opt for the lower-priced options. EyeSight is a technology that enables real-time rendering of the wearer’s eyes. This allows them to appear as if they are looking at you directly during conversations. Additionally, it facilitates quick assessment of their level of engagement or whether they are focused on what is in front of them.

The price range that Apple is reportedly discussing for their products may not be considered “cheap”. However, a price point of $1,500 could be more acceptable to consumers. Whether a discount of $2,500 is enough will likely depend on the extent of changes in the iPhone chip and other hardware components and how they enhance the overall software experience. This challenge is not exclusive to Apple; many companies face the task of attracting individuals who are unsure about incorporating such technology in their lives.

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