6ix9ine Speaks Out After Arrest

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6ix9ine Speaks Out for the First Time Since Arrest

“He grabbed both of my producers,” the artist said of the alleged incident. “I had just left the studio, Yailin had just left. I was [telling her] I was in Miami and, suddenly, he showed up at the studio in La Vega and disrupted my producers. Through no fault of their own, without knowing them.” He continued, “I was coming down and they were asking where Yailin is… I told them that she had left and they said to open the studio for them and I opened it for them. At once, they entered us. They hit me more than I even know about.” Now, 6ix9ine has shared a message with his followers on Instagram, updating them on how he’s doing since his arrest.

“First I want to thank God that I am fine,” the message, translated from Spanish begins. “Thanks to everyone who has me in prayer… I feel so happy seeing you in full support.” His update continues with a promise to provide the people of La Vega with a “gift” when he’s released. “Thank you for your support I will return I love you,” his message concludes.


Recently, the rapper 6ix9ine faced another legal setback as he was arrested in the Dominican Republic. It is reported that he and a group of associates went to a recording studio to address an issue involving two producers who allegedly showed disrespect towards his girlfriend, Yailin La Más Viral. The studio’s security cameras recorded footage of individuals entering and exiting the premises.

After attempting to flee the country on a private jet, his plans were thwarted by authorities. They apprehended him due to allegations of assaulting the two men. Afterwards, he was taken to La Vega prison, where a lively crowd of fans, critics, reporters, and others eagerly awaited his arrival. Local artist Diamond La Mafia asserts that she personally saw the alleged assault take place.

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